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20 June 2009 @ 10:44 pm
1) Kris's AIM screenname?? (think of a name!) imallthemidgets

2) a drawing Kris did @ age 6 (draw one!)

3) one paragraph from a Kradam bad!fic (can be a real one you find or write your own)
Kris couldn’t deny that he missed home. He couldn’t deny he missed the feeling of being at home. But the feeling of being at home wasn’t at home it was right where he was. He was in his bedroom, standing in front of his mirror. He looked so awkward and ugly… how would Adam ever love him.He had tried various shirts and T-shirts on, all looked wrong. His had tried to style his hair but it had made him look like a school boy. Adam was so effortlessly stylish, he would just roll out of bed and put on a random outfit and look fantastic, must be a gay thing. Kris changes his shirt for the umpteenth time wondering if he could just go naked, surely the fan girls would prefer that anyway. He saw the way all of Adams ex boyfriends looked (not that he stalked the internet or anything) so perfect, so stylish, so… glittery. He wished he still shared a room with Adam, he used to sit on the bed and add little input, although afterwards he claimed ‘he didn’t want to boss him about’ It was then that Kris noticed a black t-shirt crumpled up amongst the check shirts on his bed. It had a vivid print on the front of it. He pulled it out, not caring about crumpling his shirts. He held it up to his face, no doubt it was Adams, it smelt like him, good. He took of his top and discarded it on the floor, he didn’t have a wife here to tell him of for it, and put on Adam’s T-shirt. He observed himself in the mirror. Adam obviously being wider and taller than him, his t-shirt was huge on Kris, it fell mid-thigh and it was baggy. The soft Adam-scented material felt like home to him. The last time he had felt like this he was sat under the autumn trees in Arkansas with his new wife tucked under his arm, this feeling was a million times better. He kicked of his jeans, they were unnecessary. Everything felt OK, alone in a strange mansion, miles away from his family in a strange but exotic mans t-shirt, he felt home. Adam comes into Kris’ room to find the boy asleep on his wearing nothing but a pair of grey boxers and his t-shirt. He looked more beautiful like that then in any designer suit or professional styling..

4) email inbox or facebook page (plz don't make it too stalkerish bbs, haha)
5) en epic poem by "Kris" in response to him finding out about Adam's.

The light sapphire blends with fluffy white. Sharps tops of green stretch from the muddled ground.

A little birdie gently chirps in pleasant living.

Rubbing eggs of love in the nest amid twigs and cape ghosts.

The koala in the tree is still a mystery to me.

In my car. Driving far.

6) best Kris face (provide a matching emoticon or picture!)
7) picture of a plaid shirt you'd like to see Kris in (or out of? =D)

8) Favorite Kris quote "Love is the coolest thing that's ever happened in the world."

9) Finish the saying: Kris is to Adam like ____ is to _____.

10) Best Kris icon (use MS paint only =P)

11) mp3 of someone from team singing a Kris!song. (1~2 lines)

12) most amusing Kris-related interest you can find in an LJ profile (pre-existing but it's okay if you make one up...screencap for proof!)

13) Kevin Bacon's 7 degrees of separation...can one of you find a way to relate back to Kris via people/places/things/etc. in 7 steps or less? (example: my aunt lives in Arkansas and Conway is in Arkansas and Kris is from Conway!)
tokoshie's friend's best friend's stepfather lives in Arkansas with bb Kris!

14) If Kris were a pizza, what kind would he be & why?
Pineapple Pizza Pocket (sweet, good for you, and pocket sized)

15) Favorite Kris/Katy picture

16) Favorite Kris/Adam picture

17) K.r.i.s. stands for what?? (make up an acronym)
K - kissable
R - radiant
I - intoxicating
S - sexy

18) summarize AI8 in 10 words or less

19) a question you would ask Kris?
If you could have been roomates with anyone in the house besides Adam or Matt. Who would it have been and why?

20) Since Kris is turning 24, insert Kris into a '24' screencap alongside Jack Bauer and macro it.

21) a list of 10 things Kris keeps in his messenger bag
A banana
The Bible
A cape
Excess glitter
A stuffed koala bear
A plaid hat
His glasses
Kradam fanfic
A guitar pic

22) 5 lines Kris might have used to convince Katy to go out with him in high school
Do you want come down my scales?
I'm a fermata, hold me.
We could make beautiful music together.
My G-string just broke, can I borrow yours?
Need any help with your fingering?

23) evidence of another celeb who wears more plaid than Kris?? (show w/ picture(s).
Lindsay Lohan

24) Make Kris a birthday card from your team!